I am in the process of writing up my battle with depression but it’s hard to do do in the mean time this is my family.

I have 3 daughters, Avalyn (11) Caitlin (9) and Roisin (5). I also have a 21 yr old stepson Matt, along with my partner Rob this is my immediate family. Not forgetting Isis our ling suffering cat.

i have Fibromyalgia and CFS which has disabled me quite a bit. My ex husband has custody of my 2 eldest girls as I would be unable to cope. I rely heavily on my partners family to help look after Roisin but it has enriched her life completely. She is not shy and can twist all of us around her finger especially me. All my children are precious to me as they are the survivors of my 8 pregnancies which makes them even more important to us.

ImageI spend a lot of time resting and have only just discovered makeup as a form of release, something I can do at practice without getting too much claw like hands from gripping. Photography with a basic point and click is an outlet too do beware the floods of slightly wonky photos. 


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