A friend has put up a very thought provoking post about feeling in touch with the land.

i am adding my reply here as his blog is hidden.To feel in touch with the earth this is what I do. Walk into a quiet woods but pick a time when you aren’t rushed. Take your time and find a quiet spot. Listen to the woodland birds first. Try to tune out any cars or thoughts just listen hard. Slowly become aware of the rustling in the undergrowth, the ruffling of feathers the chat between birds. Relax each muscle in turn and as you do start to let the sounds sink into the background. Become aware of the air and feel for the earth herself as she lays and watches us all rushing to and fro and as your heartbeat slows realise that as we disappear within a single tick of the earths heartbeat.




3 thoughts on “Earth

    1. no need to apologise at all 🙂 by the way I have posted quite a long entry on the closed one if you’re interested 🙂

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