So today I’m having problems with my hips, legs and feet. Really aching so I’m feeling sorry for myself which is useless I know but it’s just one of those days. I am in bed keeping warm after my shower which I slipped in thanks to Matt leaving a bar of soap in the bottom.

i am trying to sort Xmas gifts for my daughters. Matt is easy as you just pay for some car bits. Roisin wants a doll!! Not a superhero doll or anything but an actual doll! Ok it has to be a boy doll but still an actual doll! Every present since she could choose has been batman, Spider-Man or some variation of what is considered a boys toy. Girls toys have been met with repulsion so far so she has shocked me with the doll request. My eldest wants book, clothes and maybe jewellery and Cait wants anything puppy in my pocket type things.

Too much to choose and not enough money lol


4 thoughts on “Pain

  1. ouch, that slip in the shower won’t have helped any with the pain 😦 I hope it eases off soon.

    I’m buying Freya the box set of Wolfblood series 1 dvd’s she really loves the show I watched a couple of episodes of it myself and can see why she would like it 🙂 I wanted to get her something else too but the dvd’s are quite pricey so her other pressie will have to do as a birthday present in February instead.

    1. I’m a great believer in paying a bit more for what they wasn’t than less for something they don’t.
      I’m sure Freya will be pleased whatever you get though.
      No the fall in the shower didn’t do me any good, it’s becoming common though. Last week I fell cause someone left a shampoo bottle overturned and the whole shower tray was slick. You gotta love kids.. Even the big ones lol

      1. have you had any help or looked in to getting help in getting medical aids, such as a chair fitted in the shower (you can get ones that are bolted to the wall but fold up so they aren’t in the way of those who don’t need it.) might be worth looking in to as a necessity to help you stay safe in there.

  2. Our shower tray is not supported underneath so any stool would go through it and the walls are non supporting walls ie plasterboard so not strong enough for a bolt on one sadly

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