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Birchbox November

I received my first ever Birchbox and I’m so excited! I got plenty to go through so here goes!

First up is the Laura Mercier body butter in Ambre Vanilla. This smells so good! And it feels gorgeous on my skin.


Next up is Weleda citrus creamy body wash. This smells really fresh and clean, I’m looking forward to trying that tonight.


Then there is KMS California Curl up Wave foam mousse. I haven’t tried this yet as I only got it today. It’s a wave enhancing mousse that encourages curls while protecting hair from heat. My hair is wavy at the best of times so this will be fun to try.


Next is the Chella Highlighter pencil which it says will brighten and add glow to areas you wish to accentuate.


Next is a sample bottle of a scent called English Laundry Signature for her eau du parfum. Which says it’s a divine delicate fragrance with elegant notes of quince, jasmine petals and musk. I smells quite spicy, I like it, I still prefer my Chanel no5 but it’s nice. No picture of that.

Second to last is a Birchbox pencil sharpener for both small and large sizes.


And lastly we have Pukka Herbs selection of teas in three flavours, three cinnamon, elderberry and echinacea and then an earl grey one.

So that’s my Birchbox what did you get?


Too Faced

Today I received in the post my new Too Faced Boudoir Eyes makeup palette. I was in love with the little tin box that it comes in and the colours look great.
However on trying them out is swatches there was hardly any pigmentation in them except for the two bottom right colours. They will definitely need building up to get a good coverage.

Have you used Too Faced and what do you think of them?



Look Magazine lipsticks

There is a magazine here in the UK called Look, on their website they sell cheap makeup. I liked the eyeshadows I have tried, plenty of pigment in them and they last and for a couple quid they are great.

Today I tried 2 of their lipsticks. The first is called Fat Lips in Snog.


I’m not too keen on this as there is hardly any pigment in it compared to the colour you would expect looking at it.


My camera has added more of a red tint than there really is.

The second lipstick is called Double Hit Lip and as the name suggests it has two ends, one a lipstick and the other a gloss. They can be worn independently or together.



Again the camera has added a redder tint but I love the colour of this one and it feels moisturised thanks to the gloss.

Tell me what you think?


As you may know I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and as the nights get colder my pain levels increase. Today I am bedridden and am suffering spasms is almost every muscle from tense tender neck muscles down through shoulders, back, legs and arms.

i have only really just become interested in makeup lately as it’s something to consentrate on other than the pain so please don’t get annoyed when I put up rubbish pictures but if you have any tips at all, assume I don’t know it already and please let me know. I would be eternally grateful.

Green eyes

Today’s eye makeup has been done with MAC pigment in Aquadisiac on the lid, gorgeous colour, no need to build up.
In the crease is a shadow from Look Magazines own site, Look beauty Statement eyes in Peacock shade 19. The lashes are done in Benefits They’re Real mascara.


Soap and glory

I got the Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip moisture balm today and it smells divine. It feels moisturising as it should and seems to last about an hour before it’s worn off. It leaves a faint pink tint to your lips. My daughter and mother in law have all tried it and loved it so it’s a thumbs up from us.