I hope everyone had a good time last night.  Roisin was invited to a Halloween party with friends and she then went trick or treating. She dressed as s vampire, she was so excited and she came home with a huge haul of sweets.

Except for answering the door to the trick or treaters I had a quiet night. We lit the fire do had a nice toasty room. Also at this time of year we leave out a dead loved ones favourite drinks. I didn’t have my mothers favourite in so I left her a sherry near the chair by the fireplace in case her spirit came for a visit. So that was my night, how was yours?


2 thoughts on “Halloween/Samhain

  1. That’s an interesting ritual, reminds me of things people did while I was traveling in SE Asia. I copped out of trick or treating and just decorated the porch at 4PM and left a bowl of candy with a sign that said if they took more than one I would know and would gobble them up. Still waiting for child services to come after me for threatening children.

  2. A very quiet night here, I’ve only ever had two kids call trick or treating in the 13 years I have lived here and they came two years ago. I had some candles lit to welcome any Ancestors who may have come calling but non did that I noticed (although I had pretty intense dreams last night) If I| had a garden I would have had a fire going, and would have burnt various things in it, all the stuff form the past year that is excess baggage and I want to be rid of emotionally. give me a clean start for the new year.

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