Look Magazine lipsticks

There is a magazine here in the UK called Look, on their website they sell cheap makeup. I liked the eyeshadows I have tried, plenty of pigment in them and they last and for a couple quid they are great.

Today I tried 2 of their lipsticks. The first is called Fat Lips in Snog.


I’m not too keen on this as there is hardly any pigment in it compared to the colour you would expect looking at it.


My camera has added more of a red tint than there really is.

The second lipstick is called Double Hit Lip and as the name suggests it has two ends, one a lipstick and the other a gloss. They can be worn independently or together.



Again the camera has added a redder tint but I love the colour of this one and it feels moisturised thanks to the gloss.

Tell me what you think?


2 thoughts on “Look Magazine lipsticks

  1. they look nice. I guess in real life they are lighter colored? the bottom one looks pretty dark in the photo. or bright rather.

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