Birchbox November

I received my first ever Birchbox and I’m so excited! I got plenty to go through so here goes!

First up is the Laura Mercier body butter in Ambre Vanilla. This smells so good! And it feels gorgeous on my skin.


Next up is Weleda citrus creamy body wash. This smells really fresh and clean, I’m looking forward to trying that tonight.


Then there is KMS California Curl up Wave foam mousse. I haven’t tried this yet as I only got it today. It’s a wave enhancing mousse that encourages curls while protecting hair from heat. My hair is wavy at the best of times so this will be fun to try.


Next is the Chella Highlighter pencil which it says will brighten and add glow to areas you wish to accentuate.


Next is a sample bottle of a scent called English Laundry Signature for her eau du parfum. Which says it’s a divine delicate fragrance with elegant notes of quince, jasmine petals and musk. I smells quite spicy, I like it, I still prefer my Chanel no5 but it’s nice. No picture of that.

Second to last is a Birchbox pencil sharpener for both small and large sizes.


And lastly we have Pukka Herbs selection of teas in three flavours, three cinnamon, elderberry and echinacea and then an earl grey one.

So that’s my Birchbox what did you get?


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