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River of gold

Aka my daughters hair



New makeup

I am trying to concentrate on makeup to keep my mind occupied at the moment so here’s what I got in the post today.

That is Barry M nail paint in Rose Quartz, I love the glittering colours.

Next is the lip pencils and lipsticks. From left to right is:
Rimmel London exaggerate full colour lip liner defender in 024 red diva, next is another Rimmel lip pencil in 005 Pure,
Next is L’oreal Paris colour riche in 102 pucker up pink.
Rimmel moisture renew in 660 In Love with Ginger
Lastly is Revlon super lustrous in 430 softsilver rose.

Excuse the morning after makeup but this was just a quick click to show you the ginger one on me.


Lastly I got Olay anti wrinkle firm and lift day cream, Olay anti wrinkle eye cream and a Barry M waterproof gel liner in black.
What are your favourite makeup products?



I am fighting depression but it’s biting back at the minute. My 9 year relationship looks like it may be over and I don’t want it to be plus we have a 5 year old to think about.
The weather sucks and makes my joints and muscles ache really bady and to be honest I am contemplating ending it all. I have my plans laid out and I know how to do it in the best way for me but my daughter is what’s stopping me from doing it so far.
I feel like a certain point is looming where nothing will stop me but until then I will cherish my daughter and think on the things I can do, like concentrating on learning makeup.

Four of my faves

Today I’m going to show you four of my favourite lipsticks. Now I haven’t included my Mac ones because my 5 yr old was testing them out then lost them for the time being.
Anyway one of these lipsticks is by Barry M and the lipstick itself is green but turns a different shade of pink for each person who wears it. It’s a palisade pink on me for example but on my daughter it’s vibrant pink.



From left to right: Maybelline colour sensational in 535 Ruby Star.
Rimmel moisture renew in 360 As You Want Victoria.
Revlon 450 Gentlemen Prefer Pink
Barry M 346 TMLP

My favourite of all those is the Rimmel moisture renew, all of that make feel luxurious on the lips, real buttery and smooth.