I am fighting depression but it’s biting back at the minute. My 9 year relationship looks like it may be over and I don’t want it to be plus we have a 5 year old to think about.
The weather sucks and makes my joints and muscles ache really bady and to be honest I am contemplating ending it all. I have my plans laid out and I know how to do it in the best way for me but my daughter is what’s stopping me from doing it so far.
I feel like a certain point is looming where nothing will stop me but until then I will cherish my daughter and think on the things I can do, like concentrating on learning makeup.


7 thoughts on “Depression

  1. I just want you to know that I Am here for you if you need me, you have my number and can call me any time, even if it’s just to have someone on the end of the phone who won’t say anything but just listen and be there with you.

  2. Ive been there about 10 years ago. Depression. A complete break down. It was one of the hardest things I ever been thru. I still battle the depression now and then. I had to remember no matter what is getting me down only I can make my own happiness. I had to find silver linings everywhere. That helped.

  3. Hey, this was a very brave post. I watched my mum suffer with depression throughout my childhood but she took a long time to truly acknowledge there was anything wrong – or perhaps she took a long time before she told anyone. She had a fair struggle but she is fully recovered now, she has the odd moment, but she spots the signs better and seeks help immediately or just takes a day to herself to wind down. I hope you speak with someone, there are so many people who can help and support you, visit a doctor or just tell a friend. I’ve seen the impact it can have but you don’t need to suffer alone, there are people who love you and are able to support you. It’s one of these things people are scared to talk about and yet it affects so many people. I wish you all the best, depression is a cruel bastard but people (you included) are stronger.

    1. Thank you for the reply, I have struggled on and off since my mother died but at the moment it’s on big time as my relationship of 9 years seems almost over. Being that it’s winter I am in physical pain more so that makes things worse. I see my doctor regularly and a counsellor but I’m at that stage where nothing helps. I am isolated here and have no real life friends except one whom I can only phone since he’s so far away. I’m just taking a day at a time. Thanks again.

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