Eyeshadows and eyeliner

I have two new eyeshadows, one of which I love but the other I am very disappointed in.

First up is Rimmel Scandaleyes in Gossip green, it is gorgeous. It’s so creamy and easy to put on without dragging the eyelid with it unlike some which are more dry. In short Love!


Next is the disappointment, I am really sad to say this as the other colour tattoos are gorgeous but the Endless Purple one does not spread easily or evenly at all, very sad about that as I had such high hopes for it.



Now back to a happier place, I have a Manhattan long lasting gel liner in Petrol which has amazing colour payoff, spreads lovely and really is long lasting as it took a lot of makeup remover to get it off lol

Do you use gel eyeliners or pen ones? Have you had good results with the colour tattoos?


8 thoughts on “Eyeshadows and eyeliner

    1. I’m 35 and have never played with makeup until now but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I stay scared or trying new things I may be missing out of my best looks yet lol

    1. I think I will be using more of the greens and blues than the yellow and red lol but it was worth paying that much to get so many full size eyeshadows, they look small round wise but they are quite deep.

  1. I really like my Rimmel Scandaleyes in nude! I agree that the line does go on pretty nicely! I do, however, prefer Urban Decay’s gel liners.. they just go on so smoothly! I can’t compare it to other gel liner brands, because I haven’t tried others.. but I hope to do so in the future. 🙂

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