Nyx and Fash

Firstly I know Fashion is not a big name but it’s Fash professional palette called to me from my Amazon suggestions. I will let you see what I got for £13.


There was no fall out from these eyeshadows and great colour payoff, take a look.



Next is my new NYX 10 piece set of lip glosses called Love’s Anthem.
None of these colours have separate names but the colours of these glosses is beautiful with only a little bit of stickiness and it’s £14 from Amazon for 10 lip glosses which I think is amazing. My mother in law has even asked for a couple after trying one and she normally hates the feeling on her lips so they must be good lol.



What’s your favourite lipgloss and would you take a chance on an unknown makeup brand?


8 thoughts on “Nyx and Fash

  1. That pallet has some amazing color saruration. You are going to have so much fun with it. I am jealous!! My favorite lipgloss hard to say. I like NYX gloss butter and anything Korres

      1. Its a lovely brand. Sephora carries it. HSN does at well. They have the best lotion and lip butter. Pear and bergemot is my fave in the lotion. Jasmin in the lip butter. They started it out of Greece I believe and is natural.

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