Bourjois and ELF

Firstly let me apologise about the photos, the winter sun is extremely bright today and it’s bleached the photos.
Firstly the Bourjois single eyeshadow in bleu magnetique. The first swatch came off very crumbly however the second was fine so I hope it was just a small loose piece I got to begin with, as you will see the swatch is a bit patchy too but multiplying the layers should sort that out.
The blue looks black in the packaging and I was going to send it back but decided to chance opening it and I’m glad I did. It’s a rich navy blue colour.
The purple one also looks dark in the packet but you can just make out the purple hint and when it’s used it comes out a gorgeous rich purple fit for royalty.

Overall I am mostly happy with my mini haul. Thanks for reading. Do you use any of these products or similar eyeshadow crayons? Let me know as I’d love to try more.



On to the ELF swatches, these were beautifully and creamy and very pigmented from the first layer. I can’t wait to try them.
The blue eyeshadow stick is called “like a boss” and the purple is called “check me out”


6 thoughts on “Bourjois and ELF

    1. It is definitely worth trying out, there is a stick of cream blush or the powder blush I liked but after liking all of this group of stuff I have ordered more, review coming soon.

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