MAC and Hard Candy

I have a mini haul for you, first the Mac items. I got a Rihanna Viva Glam lipstick which like all Mac lipsticks, feels like silk going on. I haven’t felt it drying out my lips at all which seems to be unusual for red lippys.
Next is Mac Pro longwear paint pot in Painterly. It seems every youtuber and there mother use this so I caved to the peer pressure and decided to give it a try and I can see why it’s used so often I find it makes a great eyeshadow base as it counteracts the little veins on your eyelids.




Next on to Hard Candy


Glow Away Bronzer and Highlighter duo. These are nice and creamy on the skin and I look forward to reviewing them properly in the near future.


Hard Candy Glitteratzi eye glitter gel and Hard Candy Mouthing Off sheer lip shine in Love Dove and those both do exactly what it says. The Love Dove is a very pale sheer lip shine. I haven’t dared open the glitter yet for fear of finding glitter all I’ve for weeks lol.
However I accidentally opened the next item which was Hard Candy Show Girl loose glitter and now tomorrow when I have a date I will be sparkling like a Twilight Vampire!


The last two products are both Hard Candy too, the first is All Glossed Up shockingly glossy lip pencil in Baby Doll which was damn near impossible to get out of its packaging, however I was please with how soft it was and spread like a lipstick it was so smooth. And lastly the glitter nail polish, I can hear the groan of frustration you all feel at getting glitter polish off but I am hoping it will be worth it. It comes with an unusual name Fabuluxe.
Anyway that’s it from my haul. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Mar xx


3 thoughts on “MAC and Hard Candy

  1. That MAC lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! Perfect shade for you and it’s actually one I would totally wear as well! I haven’t tried Hard Candy items, but they look like so much fun! Great review missy!

  2. I just bought my first paint pot soft ochre I got it on sale at the cosmetics outlet. I like it. I totally want that lipstick though I keep talking myself from getting it as I barely wear what I already have.

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