ELF Haul

ELF were having a 40% off sale and I fell for it big time, actually twice but this is just the first haul.

Let’s start with the biggest item, the Beauty Book Natural Look which contains 6 eyeshadows, 1 eyelid primer, 1 eyeliner pencil and 1 eyeshadow applicator.



This is a Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in the colour Gala. I think it’s gorgeous and now know the type of eyeshadow to get as the others are less pigmented.




This one is called Raspberry Truffle shade of the Single eyeshadows and it’s not very pigmented compared to the long lasting pigment but I like the colour.
Next is the single eyeshadow again but in Purple Passion which has a stronger pigment than the previous one.








The previous pictures are Pouty Petal an Rich Raspberry L to R in Mineral Lipstick. I love these colours so much. I’m really happy with the staying power too, 4 hours without eating or drinking. It may not seem like much but for ELF lippies that’s good going.




L to R is Fearless and Seductive. These are beautiful colours, rich and vibrant.
Overall I am happy with all my purchases and was delighted to get 40% off everything.
What are your thoughts?



8 thoughts on “ELF Haul

  1. That palate looks really useful – a nice mix of neutrals! I haven’t tried elf’s lipsticks, but I think their lip stains and crayons are really good, so maybe it’s time to check it out!

  2. I didn’t see the 40% offer but I did see their free sprig collection worth £20 if you spent £20 so I got that. I love all my new make up from them but now I just have to pluck up the brave to through out all my old stuff lol.

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