Mixed haul

Today I have ELF, MUA and Clinique
Starting with the latter I got a beautiful blush cheek pop in the shade 02 Peach Pop. I apologise that all photos are wonky today. It is truly gorgeous look


Next is :








In order of Mocha Swirl, Berry mix and Butter Pecan these are duo eyeshadow creams that are so soft and buttery! Truly beautiful textures and colour with one swatch.

Next is the ELF Cream Eyeshadow made to line, shade and contour your eyes in Teal Party.







This is a HD Blush from ELF in the shade Headliner. This is a powerful little blush, a quarter of a pump will do both cheeks and even then it will probably need toning down. I looked like a clown until I got the hang of it.

Next to it is the beautiful Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter. Just look at it, it’s beautiful isn’t it? I’ve lost the swatch sadly though. And lastly we have MUA lipsticks which although nice, I am not as enamoured with as the rest of my haul. Gorgeous colours but I needed a gloss over them as they felt too dry on my lips. Left to right and bottom to top is Peachy Keen and Pouty Pink. The ends twist off to give a pot of colour to use a lip brush from as well as the main lipstick, nice but feels a bit gimmicky to me.




Tell me your experiences with these brands and products please>


7 thoughts on “Mixed haul

  1. That highlighter and Clinique blush look so pretty (I bet they would look nice together!) And I like that teal shadow too. Very nice haul

  2. I agree with Freda above, I never used to wear cream blushes for my lack of ability to make then look right, despite multiple attempts, until I bought the ELF Stipple brush! Its a total game changer!! You have to get it!

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