New faces

New brand Famous cosmetics have come out with a wide range of products and I decided to sample a few.


First up is a highlighter from Revolution which I got off eBay. It’s a beautiful colour but now onto the eyeshadow named Merged eyeshadow shade 6. It is a strong deeply pigmented colour and it looks beautiful in it’s marbled effect.


Next is a lipstick and lip gloss. The lipstick is called Lip Addict Spot Light. It’s a gorgeous creamy consistency that lasts the usual couple of hours before needing a top up coat. The packaging is cute as at the end of the lipstick is a flip up mirror with a little pot of lipstick for using with a lip brush.


The lipgloss from what I can tell is a regular lipgloss nothing special except the packaging has a light up lid when unscrewed and a mirror along one side of the bottle.

I have two more items left to show you but these are from Wet n Wild.
Firstly is a beautiful single eyeshadow called Plum Silva. It’s strongly pigmented and wears well on the lid.



And finally I have a wonderful little mini palette which I haven’t even worn yet, but the pattern and the colours make me excited to work with it soon.

What do you think to these purchases? Will you give Famous cosmetics a try?


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