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I feel bruised battered and sore today. Yesterday I had to have a procedure done at the Chronic Pain Management centre. I had to be sedated so they could put injections into my shoulder joint and shoulder blades under X-ray. I don’t remember much but damn I hurt today. I’ve been told it could be 2 weeks until I feel benefits do fingers crossed.


Next Harry Potter

I do not have time to do a proper review right now but as some of you know I have discovered a new book called Secret Seekers Society and thr Beast of Bladenboro.

it centres on two young children whose parents have mysteriously disappear and they have to go stay with a Godparent whom they have never met. 

The building that they are to live in has lots of dangerous secrets that the two children set out to uncover.

Please look it up on amazon, it’s only 77p on kindle or £7 in paperback. I have read it in both so if you or your kids want a great read or just a present for Christmas please try it.

Dainty Doll

As you can see from the previous picture, I received my bottle of Dainty Doll Mascara and Eyeliner.

As I was trying to take the picture my own little not so dainty doll decided to get into the picture.

I have yet to try it but I love Nicola Roberts products because she has the same colouring as me.

I will let you know as soon as I try it.


Any of you who know me know I rarely leave the house but today Rob had a day of work and brought me with him when he went ti get fuel for the Rc cars he races. It’s an hour and half each way do I was very stiff and sore but we went to Castleford outlet on the way home and it was great to get out for a walk at my pace. I picked up a bra and knickers set in royal blue. I was actually shocked they had GG sizes in stock! Next up was The Works for some craft things and I picked up a set for Ava that let’s you bling up a wall decor canvas for Xmas. Also for Xmas was a book for Roisin that is all aliens burping and farting and general stink but what made it is that it’s a scratch and sniff! I nearly was sick after trying it. I also picked up paintbrushes and black card paper for making the Hslloween decorations.


When we got home I was delighted to see that my stuff from Yellow Moon craft stuff had arrived. Loads of Xmas crafting both for Roisin and the rest of the girls including sewing your own Santa and Snowman. Also plenty of Halloween stickers and scratch art.

What also came were the pyjamas, slippers and ear muffs for part of the girls Xmas pressures. My sister and I used to love getting fresh new snugly pjs for Xmas and now my girls love them. That’s all for now. I hope everyone is doing well. What did you love getting for Xmas?


A friend has put up a very thought provoking post about feeling in touch with the land.

i am adding my reply here as his blog is hidden.To feel in touch with the earth this is what I do. Walk into a quiet woods but pick a time when you aren’t rushed. Take your time and find a quiet spot. Listen to the woodland birds first. Try to tune out any cars or thoughts just listen hard. Slowly become aware of the rustling in the undergrowth, the ruffling of feathers the chat between birds. Relax each muscle in turn and as you do start to let the sounds sink into the background. Become aware of the air and feel for the earth herself as she lays and watches us all rushing to and fro and as your heartbeat slows realise that as we disappear within a single tick of the earths heartbeat.





I will post a photo of each on my eyelashes soon however in a short test these are my findings.

The Elizabeth Arden mascara feels so light on my lashes, a good even coverage however the brush is small and spiky for such a lovely brand. It stayed on well and since I have a tendency to burst into tears, it even manages to last even though it’s not waterproof. It’s been a favourite for a while now.

The MAC 3d effect mascara feels think and the brush is lovely giving great coverage without having to build it up. This also lasts through my crying so that’s good too. However the thing that makes it stand out for me is usually after a few hours my eyes get sore/gritty and watery but with the MAC none of that happened so now it is my firm favourite.